As a professional photographer with over 30 years'
  experience, weddings are one of my top favourite
  assignments. Weddings celebrate the love between   two people on the happiest day of their lives,   surrounded by their family and friends, and I love   being an integral part of this life-important event.

  My shooting style is documentary portraiture, and I   value the trust I'm given to capture every moment,   posed and candid, every nuance and emotion. I like   being in the same space as the bride and groom,
  and capturing moments that even they will miss.

  What's special about weddings is that they're all   genuine. Everyone is happy, relaxed, joyful, and
  none of the feelings are false or staged. There is no   wider, more pleasant brief for a keenly observant,   creative, self-motivated photographer than this.

  It's a pleasure for me to share your joy, and give you a permanent, creative record of your special day that you   can share with your family and friends for years to come. If you want a photographer who can surpass your   expectations for beautiful images that you will treasure, I would be very  happy to hear from you.
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