It's important to choose the right photographer   based on what services he or she can offer you.  
  Here are some of the things I offer my clients:

  1. Meeting the couple at home to discuss their   plans, and doing a relaxed pre-wedding shoot.

  2. Arranging a 'Shoot List', including any wedding   preparation shots on the day, prior to the service.

  3. Nominating a 'Family Photo Coordinator' to help   gather the right people for family and group shots. 

  4. Visiting the wedding & reception venues with the   couple for group shot locations and backgrounds.   

  5. Agreeing wedding service shots, and confirming   permission for this with the appropriate people.

  6. Using 2 full-frame cameras, & flash diffusion that  blends availalble and flash light in the most subtle way.                                  For more information, click  HERE

  7. Agreeing presentation, number of days, hours, images, processing, retouching, price and deposit required.