I sell my images as photographic prints.  Colour Prints are made from high resolution TIF scans of the
   original negative or digital imageBlack & White hand prints are made from the original negative,
   processed & toned to archival standards.

   All prints are editioned.


   BLACK & WHITE HAND PRINTS (matt, unmounted): 
   9.5" x 12"  £100      12" x 16"  £150      16" x 20"  £200

   COLOUR PRINTS (matt or gloss, unmounted):
   10" x 12"   £150      12" x 16"  £200

   LIMITED EDITION BLACK & WHITE PRINTS - Kew, City of London, others (matt, unmounted):

   Some of these images are still available in their original edition of 75 prints. My pricing structure is tiered,
   based on the popularity of the images, so some of the Kew and City prints are more expensive than others.

   The least expensive of these prints are as follows:
   9.5" x 12"  £200      12" x 16"  £300      16" x  20" £400

   I will ship prints to you by Royal Mail, securely and safely packaged against damage. Please enquire
   shipping costs at time of your order.