I was born in New York City in 1960 and lived in Boston for five years.

   Moving bewteen London and the eastern U.S. several times during my formative years provided me with an
   independent interpretation of western culture that is a god-send to any developing photographer.

   My dad bought me a Russian Zenith SLR camera when I was 12, and I taught myself everything about
   photography, cameras and lighting, apart from some degree courses with Parson's School of Design in New
   York City in the early 1980s.

    In 1984 I returned to London, and while working as a photographic consultant for a London Agency,
    discovered Kew Gardens for the first time, and fell in love with it. I published three photography books
    between 1998 and 1990: 'The Magic of Kew', The City of London', and 'Inside the Tower.'

    For over twenty years I've worked with London Graphic Designers, and in 2004 I started my own
    photography school at David Game College under the brand 'Image Workshops.' This has expanded to a
    large range of technical and creative courses at several London venues, and a growing number of private
    clients. I also run courses and bespoke photography training programs for several London companies.

    Learning photography is developing a relationship with light and the world around us. New skills include     processing digital images with HDR (High Dynamic Range), while continuing to help inspire others with their
    own creativity. I am dedicated to using my own photography to document the massive social and geographic
    transitions that are gathering momentum in our rapidly evolving world.